How to use disposable gloves

Powder-free medical gloves are gloves that are used only once after medical examination or surgery. Before using, you should clearly determine the size of the user’s hand to be able to choose the correct glove size to avoid tearing.

Should choose any pair of gloves, with flexible use for both hands. Before putting on the gloves, perform a gentle wave of the gloves to help straighten the gloves so that the fingers do not stick to the palm.

Put on the glove for the fingers first and pull it slowly and gently towards the palm. Then from the palm of your hand pull the entire glove to the back of the wrist, making sure that the neck of the glove reaches the wrist. And you should not pull the glove directly from the palm to the wrist because it will be easy to tear if pulled strongly.

How to properly store powder-free medical gloves: store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight. The glove box, when opened for use, must be stored carefully to avoid sunlight and electricity. And you should avoid using it directly with chemicals. If skin is sensitive, discontinue use and consult a specialist.

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