Uses of disposable medical gloves

When using powder-free medical gloves often provide a snug, dexterous and unobstructed feeling when we use them. That is also the reason that this type of glove is used in surgery to promote the best efficiency during the work of doctors.

In addition, this type of medical gloves is also used to protect the user and protect the hands from harmful chemicals, making the skin of the hands comfortable and safe when when working in a hazardous environment.

Medical gloves are used to protect the user’s hands, so they are now commonly used with the main effect of preventing chemicals and infection with agents such as bacteria, viruses. , or blood, parasitizes the body.

This can be seen as an item of essential workwear to be used by all consumers including: pharmacists, dentists, or healthcare workers.

Currently, medical gloves are not only in the medical and dental fields, but also in industries such as food, laboratories and also in a number of other light industries.

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