The concept of disposable medical gloves

It can be said that  disposable medical gloves are a remarkable improvement in the medical manufacturing industry, born to overcome the shortcomings remaining in medical gloves. There are two common types of gloves today, which are medical gloves, latex and nitrile.

Latex Gloves:

Latex is a type of tree resin taken from natural rubber trees, so Latex is also commonly known as rubber, Latex gloves are formed when during processing with temperature and chemicals (allowed for use).

It forms an extremely good protective layer, fits well when we wear powder-free medical gloves and is very supple. This type of rubber is very widely used in the production of medical devices, and especially in the production of gloves such as powdered, powder-free latex gloves and surgical gloves.

Nitrile Glvoes:

Nitrile (Latex Free) is a synthetic rubber, and is formed exactly like Latex but does not contain Latex, so it does not cause allergies in some people who are sensitive to Latex, has water resistance, good oil resistance. Therefore, nitrile gloves are often used widely in all industries that require high hygiene such as testing, or dentistry and health care as well as non-medical industries such as industry, or food processing,…

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